About Westford Oil & Gas and Energy

WESTFORD OIL & GAS AND ENERGY established by H.E. Khalid Sedeeq Almotawa See more and ‎Engr. Khalil Al Khouri See more

Completed Bachelor’s Degree at United Arab Emirates University Chairman and Co-founder of Westford Oil&Gas and Energy | Chairman and Founder of Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
One of the generation that witnessed the creation of the union and proud to have seen the dynamic development and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates since its inception until now. Have exciting initiatives and plans coming up for the local & international Oil & Gas community and always searching for something unique to the public can expect surprises. Mr. Khalid Sedeeq Almotawa, a public figure overseeing WESTFORD OIL AND GAS AND ENERGY with the mission to play a major role in developing the Oil & Gas Fields including Upstream, Midstream & Downstream.

An extensive experience and successful track ‎record in Management covering over 20 years in the International Oil, Gas & Petroleum ‎Industries. Has the qualification and vital experiences necessary to make a very significant ‎contribution to WESTFORD OIL AND GAS AND ENERGY working throughout the ‎Middle East and also in the GCC and develop innovative strategies through detailed analysis ‎to optimized WESTFORD OIL AND GAS AND ENERGY Int’l Ltd revenues and minimize risk.

The company’s main objective is to support Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries in Abu Dhabi ‎as well as other Countries within the GCC and the Middle East.

WESTFORD is accustomed to manage multicultural & cross-disciplinary principles with a ‎varied product and experiences in the International market.‎

WESTFORD utilizing an excellent communications skills & able to foster a motivated & ‎cohesive team dynamic committed to the business outcome.‎

Our services range from contracting, Construction, Maintenance, Trading & Supply of a vast array of products and services to our customers. We also represent several international manufacturers and companies in these related fields forming strategic partnerships for the UAE and overall GCC region.

A message from Founder and Co-founder

There can be no doubt that the oil and gas sector has an important role to play. According to BP’s Energy Outlook 2017, oil demand continues to increase, although the pace of growth is likely to slow as vehicles become more efficient and technological improvements, such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and car sharing, potentially herald a mobility revolution.
The overall demand for energy looks set to continue to expand as increasing prosperity in fast-growing emerging economies lifts billions of people from low incomes. Plentiful supplies of energy enable this rise in living standards, with virtually all the growth in energy demand expected to come from outside the developed world. The extent of this increase is likely to be curbed by improvements in energy efficiency, as increasing attention around the world is devoted to using energy more sustainably. Despite its recent problems, the oil and gas sector remains an industry that is both well-respected, and one that workers are happy to remain in and would recommend to others. Less than 3% say that they would not recommend a career in the oil and gas sector, with 77% saying they are very or extremely likely to recommend it.